5 Reasons Not To Pop A Pimple

Popping pimples is something that almost all of us have done at some point in our lives. And why not? Popping the pimple eliminates the monster quickly, the perfect method for fast acne treatment before an important event. But, there are really many reasons why you should not ever pop a pimple, no more how tempting it seems to be. Take a look at these 5 reasons that popping a pimple is never a good idea, and maybe you will think twice before squeezing again.

It Hurts

There is always a bit of discomfort with a pimple, and when you start picking at the blemish and trying to pop it, there will be even more pain and discomfort associated with it.

You’ll Cause Acne To Worsen

When you pop a pimple you are doing nothing but pushing bacteria back underneath the skin, where it will again clog pores and potentially cause more bacteria and more acne. The last thing that you want to do is cause the condition to worsen, so keep your fingers away from the face! If you want to treat acne with no pain, check out proactive and say goodbye to blemishes and scars.

Scarring Can Occur

Not only are you causing the chance of making more pimples, when you pop a pimple you are doubling the chances that you will have scars in the end. If you think that acne is horrible, try dealing with a scar. It is even worse. Instead of take this chance, do not pop your pimples.

Infections Are Possible

In addition to all of the above, popping a pimple can also cause an infection to occur. Many of these possible infections are very serious and can cause debilitating trouble that you do not want to deal with. It is possible you would even need to make a visit to the doctor if you had such an infection.

It Will Take Longer To Heal

The 5th reason that you should not pop a pimple- it will cause the blemish to need a longer period of time to heal. When you may have been able to get rid of acne in a couple of weeks, popping pimples could lead to more trouble and cause you additional weeks of trying to clear the condition.

Leave That Pimple Alone

There are far more than 5 reasons that you shouldn’t pop a pimple, but these are among the most important. Make sure that you always treat acne the right way and never attempt this quick method of acne elimination.